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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Belfast Jacket Special

We recently embarked on a few special jackets for the Linen Biennale Conference 2018. Jane McCann and I hooked up with Duncan from Earthed by WM Clark & Sons to produce these unique Belfast Jackets for the fashion show at the PRONI building in Belfast’s historic Titanic Quarter. Pictured on this Belfast Jacket is the […]

Introducing the Belfast Jacket

Ours is the story of a city, Belfast’s. Once Europe’s industrial heartbeat, and the greatest producer of linen in the world. Generations have passed, mills have shut, but the city goes on. Entrepreneurs now work where looms once wove. Belfast hasn’t stopped making, and neither have we. Shaped by the past, the Belfast Jacket is […]

Linen Characters

Amidst the political chaos, a photographic exhibition has been launched in the Great Hall at Stormont. German photographer Burchard Riegels celebrates ‘Linen Characters’ of today, featuring those who are still making a valuable contribution to keeping the Irish linen industry alive. Amongst those acknowledged in the exhibition, is local, Belfast Based Designer Chris Tyndall. Belfast […]

Loft Trading X Green Fingers New York

We are really excited to have our Four Leaf Clover being used on more Irish Linen – this time we have hooked up with Satoshi Kawamoto of Green Fingers and they will be available in his New York Store, 44B East 1st Street. Satoshi Kawamoto / Green Fingers Born in Tokyo, Japan. Satoshi Kawamoto is […]

Blueprint Talks – Indigo and Cloth X Making Space

Loft Trading (Chris Tyndall) will be speaking on the panel as part of the Blueprint Talks on 29th January at Indigo & Cloth, Temple Bar, Dublin. These talks aim to provide a platform to explore the notion of ‘Do It Yourself’ entrepreneurship featuring the independent creatives of contemporary culture, working both nationally and internationally to the […]

Loft Trading / Pop Up Flea New York – PUFNYC

This time it’s NYC – Loft Trading will be showcasing its wares at the Pop Up Flea. PUFNYC is the final Pop Up Flea of the calendar year 2014. This is the flagship event, taking place over the prime holiday shopping weekend of December 12th through the 14th. A short-term shop for long-term goods. What […]

Monocolumn / Meet your maker – London

Preface Retailers are catching on to the fact that savvy consumers want transparency when parting with their money, and what can be more transparent than buying direct from the producer? Monocle’s Daniel Giacopelli reports. If you lock up a human being for long enough, nature takes over and madness sets in. We are, as they […]