Loft Trading X Green Fingers New York

We are really excited to have our Four Leaf Clover being used on more Irish Linen – this time we have hooked up with Satoshi Kawamoto of Green Fingers and they will be available in his New York Store, 44B East 1st Street.

Satoshi Kawamoto / Green Fingers

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Satoshi Kawamoto is a garden stylist who advocates a unique sense of style, an alluring presentation of the innate natural beauty of greenery and transformation with the passage of time. He works not only with greenery but also with the interior styling of shops and various spaces.

In a scheme that appears at first glance purely random, the flora and fauna with their dazzling colors stage a vibrant drama of life and death in his works. Garden accessories and furniture crumbling with age, moss- covered cobblestones, the gradation composed of various shades of green… His styling does not attempt to overly confine and order, giving free rein to the passage of time and the vitality of the plants themselves.

In recent years, Satoshi has held exhibitions of his work, expressing the beauty of greenery from his unique perspective. Laying the groundwork for a field where greenery is a familiar presence, he seeks to enrich the ways in which people relate to flora and fauna.


Satoshi Kawamoto, New York December 2014