The images of Belfast in Old Photographs, many of them previously unpublished, have been drawn from the collections of the Ulster Museum, which holds one of the largest and most important historic photographic archives in Ireland. Focusing on several central themes, they illustrate with remarkable clarity and changing face and fortunes of this great city during the century or so after the Great Irish Famine (1845-50).

These were decades of political turmoil and social upheaval, commercial growth and cultural innovation, national occasion and local events, all of which were documented as they happened through the medium of photography. But the ordinary was also captured as the camera recorded the everyday experiences of these who called Belfast their home. It is these images, over 200 of which are recorded here, which convey to us the reality of city life in all its aspects and rich variety. This book will be invaluable to the many local historians in Northern Ireland, an will provide a feast of nostalgia for all those who know and love this beguiling city.

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– Belfast
– Old Photographs
– Trevor Parkhill & Vivienne Pollock
– The History Press
– Printed and bound in Great Britain


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