Linen on the Green

An Irish Mill Village 1730-1982

We have sourced a small collection of this amazing book. For anyone who wants to know more about Irish Linen and the History of the Ulster Linen Trade. Written by Wallace Clark; Wallace Clark, author of books on sailing and islands and involved in linen manufacture all his life, has now written this personal account of the history of his family’s linen business, and the community which has grown up around it since 1730. Drapers on horseback, sealmasters in chains, dambuilders and beetlers are described, as the business and the village descend through eight generations to weave and finish for worldwide markets to-day.

Robust characters stride across the pages, surviving the slumps and riding booms as the risks change from wolves, highwaymen, duels and risings to dollar crises, World Wars and government stop go.

There is new insight into the snakes and ladders game of running a family business, and details of the intensely competitive Irish Linen market over the last 100 years.

This is an individual account of one of the staple industries of Northern Ireland and the people who built it up from the domestic occupation of 1690 to a pinnacle on which Ulster in 1912 contained almost half of the world’s production capacity of linen.

Product Details

– Author; Wallace Clark
– 2nd Edition
– The History of the Ulster Linen Trade
– Collectors Piece / Pre-Owned
– Printed in Belfast 1982

Linen on the Green

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